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Mouse selection problems (by Nick M.)
Hi, I am running into a problem with solve space on my laptop (Thinkpad x270 with Intel HD 620). The mouse works fine for selecting the menu items, but trying to select tools from the palette the pointer is about one tool lower than the selection. Same with making selections in the drawing window. I've messed with compatibility modes, and overriding the high DPI scaling behaviour on windows, but nothing is helping.

Has anyone else seen this or know of a workaround?


In the picture you can see the property browser window is cut off along with the tool palette. The red dot represents where the cursor is when selecting the line tool.
Thu Jan 18 2018, 07:56:54, download attachment Mouse Problem.JPG
(no subject) (by TravStu22)
I have seen this before. It had something to do with the monitor display scale when I had two monitors connected.
Fri Jan 19 2018, 12:39:31
(no subject) (by Jonathan Westhues)
I had this problem on another laptop with integrated graphics, Intel Iris 540. The gl viewport gets mapped not just to the client area of the window, but to the whole thing, including the title bar and menu bar. Our coordinates start from the lower left; so the mouse position agrees with the display at the bottom of the display, but is offset by one title+menu height at the top.

I'm surprised by the problem--like, how could even the most incompetent developers ship drivers that break every non-full-screen gl app? So I wonder what I'm missing...

In any case, a driver update fixed my problem. My broken version was circa April 2017, fixed version from October.
Sat Jan 20 2018, 03:51:04
(no subject) (by Jonathan Westhues)

Looks like Intel broke Blender too...
Sat Jan 20 2018, 04:11:25
(no subject) (by Nick M.)
Thanks for the hints guys, unfortunately I'm on a work issued laptop, so updating drivers will have to wait for awhile.
Wed Jan 31 2018, 09:20:27
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