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Fabricating Arched Boxes (by Andrew McIntyre)
We fabricate bespoke flanged mild steel boxes for a variety of domestic heating appliances. The angle of tilt at top is typically 20 degs but often has to be varied.I have had no difficulty putting together a 2d drawing in Solvespace to enable a variety of rectangular boxes (A) to be produced by simple adjustment to the parameters (height, width, depth and angle of tilt etc.)
However on occasion we have to produce boxes with arched tops (B) in which the top is a section of a cylinder. The box may also need to be tapered, (C) in which case the top is then a section of a cone.
I have tried several ways to produce a 'recipe' that would allow profiles for the arched top panels to be fed straight to the laser but have not yet succeeded. I have stayed with 2d throughout to avoid 'unwrap' issues. Would be grateful if anyone can assist with this conundrum!
Fri Sep 1 2017, 19:04:10, download attachment ARCHED BOXES.pdf
(no subject) (by User1)
For the record, 3D geometry on (B) and (C) models requre "Loft" & "Frustum" operations that not yet presented in SolveSpace:

But, at least (B) model could be reproduced in SolveSpace using some "tricks"; here is my glider model, that has cowl (cockpit) with geometry similar to your model (B):
Sat Sep 2 2017, 07:07:35
Finding sagitta (by Andrew McIntyre)
Actually I got tolerably close to what I wanted a year ago in 2d but then abandoned the exercise due to other commitments and the fact that the complexity of the exercise slowed the program right down (see attachment)
I think my earlier efforts could be cut down a lot if I just concentrated on the profile of the arched top panel, but a recurring problem is my inability to find the height of an arc (sagitta) either as a driver or as a reference. This facility seems to be missing in Solvespace - or am I looking in the wrong place?
Sat Sep 2 2017, 08:39:38, download attachment ARC DEVELOPMENTS SEPTEMBER.slvs
(no subject) (by Eric Buijs)
Hi Andrew, I was trying to understand your question so I took out the arched panel front view of your sketch. I removed a datum point, constrained the height of the arch on the back and it's width. Leaving the sketch with two DOF. Could you indicate which height your trying to find because the way I see it it's properly constrained. See my attached file.
Thu Sep 7 2017, 17:52:28, download attachment arcdevelopment_attempt.slvs
Suggestion (by Michael Lazarou)
I am a cabinetmaker.

Boole and Partner's "Polyboard" will make your boxes, excepting the arch top, which needs to be approximated into segments.
Sun Oct 15 2017, 00:44:59
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