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strange effect when revolve an half sphere (by greg)

I test solvespace by trying to dketch a sort of barrel of a revolver, but I can't do the round shape at the end of the grove.
File is in attachment, can't add a screenshot, but the half sphere is not totaly soustracted, and the inside of the solid appear . does anyone can explain? Is there a way to repair it?

Sat Aug 12 2017, 16:01:52, download attachment barillet.slvs
(no subject) (by greg)
here is the screenshot,
system is ubuntu16.04.3LTS (lubuntu in fact), solvespace is version 3.0~3dd2fc00.
Sat Aug 12 2017, 16:04:16, download attachment 2017-08-12-215557_1920x1080_scrot.png
(no subject) (by Eric Buijs)
Hi Greg,

this is probably related to the NURBS boolean operation. I forced the NURBS surfaces to Triangle Mesh in your file and it solved the problem. You can find this option in the Property Browser.

Sun Aug 13 2017, 06:39:49
(no subject) (by greg)
Hi Eric,

thanks for your help, but I can't find this tuning option, can you explain me how to set?

Thanks in advance.
Mon Aug 14 2017, 12:57:07
(no subject) (by Andrew)
Click the group name in the property browser, and you will see at as the second tick box in the screen that comes up.
Mon Aug 14 2017, 14:17:22
(no subject) (by Eric Buijs)
Just in case I added an image that shows the tick box (indicated with a red circle).
Tue Aug 15 2017, 10:33:20, download attachment barillet.png
(no subject) (by greg)
Hi Eric,
Thanks, problem solved!!
Have a nice day
Sat Aug 19 2017, 10:42:00
(no subject) (by greg)

When I try to revolve this last function aroud the barrel, it doesn't works as expected, screenshot added, and no possibilities to force to triangle mesh as it is written as allready forced to triangle...

Any option?

Sat Aug 19 2017, 10:47:24, download attachment 2017-08-19-164326_1920x1080_scrot.png
(no subject) (by Eric Buijs)
Hi Greg,

the only way I got it working is by repeating your last sketch and lathe. It's not elegant at all because you have to repeat it five times but it works.

Sun Aug 20 2017, 11:45:03, download attachment barillet.png
(no subject) (by Eric Buijs)
And the Solvespace file.
Sun Aug 20 2017, 11:46:00, download attachment barillet_2.slvs
(no subject) (by greg)
Thanks Eric,

Very not an elegant way to do, as if you have to change anything, you have to remember to do it for each instances.

But, ok, solvespace is not finnished and far for production way, is there any way to inform devellopment team for a bug found?

in attachement is a view of what I expected: all done with 5 fonctions. This way the design can be altered very easily.

I will check for update of the soft to test it regularely.

Mon Aug 21 2017, 11:40:41, download attachment soldworks way.png
(no subject) (by Eric Buijs)
Hi Greg,

I think the best way to report a bug is through the github page of Solvespace. Go to and add a new issue. I found some guidelines here:

Tue Aug 22 2017, 06:00:14
(no subject) (by User1)
> is there any way to inform devellopment team for a bug found?

Create new issue here:
Tue Aug 22 2017, 06:02:19
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