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Best Practice for fillets, radiused edges, extrude with draft angle? (by John Griessen)
does anyone have some technique for keeping the most parameters active while creating booleans that fillet or radius?

Is there a low effort way to make a 2D sketch into a extrude with draft angle?
Wed Jul 12 2017, 12:01:53
Best Practice for fillets, radiused edges, extrude with draft angle? (by John Griessen)
So far, what I have done is make a sweepable profile for an enclosure wall with a 3 degree draft angle in the vertical leg, then make a sketch for the perimeter, then sweep the profile along the sketch perimeter. The profile and sketch of the perimeter are in solvespace, but for sweeping I switched to FreeCAD and then added fillets. Radii were built into the profiles partly. Some radii wee added with FreeCAD.
Wed Jul 12 2017, 15:07:03
Only extrude/lathe operations possible ... (by Roland Frank)
As long as the fillets/chamfers can be done by extrude/lathe this is doable in Solvespace. Picking a face or edge and applying a fillet/chamfer is not possible.
You might want to have a look at some examples i uploaded at GrabCAD (
Hopefully i will find some time to do some tutorial videos based on these models ...
Thu Jul 13 2017, 16:59:51
curving path extrude/lathe (by John Griessen)
Is there a way to extrude along a curving path?
Tue Jul 18 2017, 17:59:00
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