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Differencing Link/Assemble parts (by Daniel Lewis)
Is it possible to subtract a Link/Assembled part from a new sketch?

I'd like to be able to re-use components, for example an M4 nut and screw as a hole piece to subtract from other parts of my model.

Is importing 2D CAD files and extruding the best I can do?
Sat Jul 8 2017, 03:06:31
(no subject) (by Azial)
When you click on the imported group in the property browser, there are 3 options for "solid model as". Default is assemble, but you can choose difference and union as well.
Mon Jul 17 2017, 18:03:13
Would be a good enhancement ... (by Roland Frank)
So you want to be able to merge two solvespace projects ...
Would be great to have that.
Having a library for the different type of drill holes
(sunk/countersunk) or similar would be awesome ...
Tue Jul 18 2017, 09:52:56
Thanks Azial! (by Daniel Lewis)
Finally found this post and the "difference" function, my bad!

Once I figure all this stuff out I want to write a small book lol
Wed Aug 9 2017, 14:08:48
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