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Constraints parameters as named variables (by Laurence)

I'm very new to Solvespace. I switched from qCad because of Solvespace's parametric abilities.

Is it possible to define the parameters for a model centrally as named variables, and then refer to the names as constraints in the drawing?

Many thanks.
Thu Jun 15 2017, 15:31:48
(no subject) (by whitequark)
Not currently but this is a high priority feature.
Thu Jun 15 2017, 16:40:01
(no subject) (by Chinmay)
Hi Laurence,

I have used a binary provided by a SolveSpace user with great success. It allows using a text file which has all the variables used in the drawing. See the following thread:

This allows me to auto-generate the text file from other design scripts, use version control, and greatly simplifies the constraints that Solvespace has to solve. All this with very little pointing/clicking once the file is setup.

Hope this helps.
Thu Jun 15 2017, 16:48:01
(no subject) (by Lazar)
That thread is fairly old, has it since been implemented into the main build? Just wondering as I can't figure out how to use named variables in solvespace right now and I'm not sure how to use that binary. Could you provide any insight?

Thanks in advance
Sat Jul 29 2017, 03:17:18
(no subject) (by whitequark)
No. I haven't had much time to dedicate to development since that due to personal circumstances.
Mon Jul 31 2017, 22:46:08
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