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French Site + STEP format color questions (by Pilou)
I have made a French Mirror site of SolveSpace! :)

Does the STEP format exports colors of different nurbs' surfaces?
What is the version of the STEP format ?

PS Does exist somewhere some archives of the Forum ?
I see only messages since Mon Sep 16 2013, 03:30:38
does this normal ?
Wed Sep 25 2013, 10:48:27
(no subject) (by Jonathan Westhues)
Thanks for the translation, and sorry for the delay in getting back to you by email; I've been travelling.

The STEP export doesn't include colors; it's just the surfaces now. I'm afraid that the STEP file format is complex, and I'm very far from an expert in what subset of that is actually used. I implemented SolveSpace's STEP export by closely copying the format of a working example model. I typically test my output by opening it in Rhino.

I've created this forum only recently, just before that Sep 16. So the archives are necessarily brief, and your view is probably correct.
Wed Sep 25 2013, 20:25:10
Step and Colour (by Roland Frank)

AFAIK neither Step AP203 nor Step AP214 (which are both used quite often in CAD-World) really do support colours in their basic structure.
However, there are some features in the Step Format to support exchange of olours but that does heavily depend on how the information was exported and how the importer supports such information tags.
AFAIK colour information on part level is "more supported" than information on assembly level [at least that is the main tip of all people who are using this format].

Thu Sep 26 2013, 01:49:06
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