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Need help with cutting in 2D (by Urmil Parikh)

I want to cut a U shaped hole (made of a circle and a rectangle) that extends to the edge of rectangle.

How do I make such a cut?

Thu Apr 6 2017, 02:48:05, download attachment cut.slvs
Maybe like this ? (by Roland Frank)
Not sure if i understood you correct.
Maybe you mean something as attached ?
Thu Apr 6 2017, 14:51:52, download attachment cut2.slvs
Yes (by Urmil Parikh)
Yes. I see you used arc and tangent line.

But, I was wondering if I have overlapping 2D shapes, if I can do union / difference / intersection operations.
Fri Apr 7 2017, 00:46:10
(no subject) (by whitequark)
Urmil, you cannot.
Fri Apr 7 2017, 08:41:23
(no subject) (by Jonathan Westhues)
But you can always extrude your 2d shapes to some arbitrary constant depth and do Booleans on the solid models.
Sun Apr 9 2017, 22:00:33
(no subject) (by Vikenti)
It is more easy to use first some 2D designing program (i use Inkscape) to draw complex paths\contours, then export them via DXF into SolveSpace and add constraints. This may save lots of time.

Another useful approach is to import image with your contour and draw complex line in SolveSpace.
Tue Apr 11 2017, 10:31:30
Thanks! (by Urmil Parikh)
Thank you for valuable inputs.

I had a complete design with holes in a rectangle. Later I needed to cutout from holes till the edge of rectangle, so I asked if there was a simple way without losing and adding all constraints.

Inkscape idea is good for complex shapes.. I shall try that out in my next design.
Sun Apr 16 2017, 01:02:30
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