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Any way to hide 'green' guide lines? (by behzat_c)

Thanks all for this amazing software.

Is there any way to hide all of the guide lines in the drawing?

I think they clutter the design view. Even after extrusion, those lines appear everywhere.

For example, you can find my attempt on modelling an Arduino Uno board.

Am I abusing the guide lines to draw the design (I am merely a new beginner in mechanical design world) or is there any better way to do the design, or even better, hide the green lines all together?

Thanks again.
Tue Apr 4 2017, 15:31:29, download attachment arduino.slvs
(no subject) (by Jonathan Westhues)
You can hide all the groups in the browser window, and you'll see only the extruded solid model.
Tue Apr 4 2017, 22:10:21
(no subject) (by behzat_c)

Thanks for pointing that out, but I want my intermediate steps to be more clear too if possible. One can wonder ... :)

I'm actually looking for something like "Hide constraints and dimensions" button in the Property Window, but for guide lines.

I may dive in to the source code to implement that myself but I'm not sure how big of a challenge would that be. Can anyone forecast the complexity? :)
Wed Apr 5 2017, 01:32:15
(no subject) (by Jonathan Westhues)
I'm not sure which lines you want shown, and which you want hidden. You may be able to define a style for whichever you want to hide, and then uncheck "show these objects on screen".
Wed Apr 5 2017, 01:38:27
(no subject) (by behzat_c)

I want to hide / show the "construction" lines easily on the GUI.

They are automatically move into the 's002-#def-construction' style.

But, in the style settings menu, there is no option for "show these objects on screen". That option is only available for the newly created custom styles.

And again, thanks for giving that tip too. I can apply a new style for those lines manually and hide from the settings menu when needed. This is a good workaround but I'm looking for a bit more comfort here since all the "construction lines" already in a group (I just press G and thats it) and I may need to constantly flip hide/show therefore It would be good to have a dedicated button for hide/show in the property menu.

See the image for a bit detailed annotation.
Wed Apr 5 2017, 02:03:59, download attachment solvespace_1.png
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