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Reference dimension (by Vikenti)
It may be very useful if "reference dimension" work like "constrain distance" if no constraint is selected. I mean creation of constrain and checking it as reference constraint.

Now if i have complex model i need at first check existing constraint as reference, then create new constraint, check it at reference and then check first constraint as "not reference" constrant. It takes lots of operations.

If i just create additional constaint without making the supplementary constraint reference than Solvespace hangs and program manager show me the constant growth of memory usage (i think it is some kind of infinite memory allocation).
Tue Apr 4 2017, 11:40:01
(no subject) (by whitequark)
Do you have a sample file that exhibits this pathological behavior?
Tue Apr 4 2017, 19:53:24
Sample file (by Vikenti)
Attached zip contains two files: image and blueprint. Image shows which points to connect to reproduce a bug.

Try to connect two points (marked red on attached image) with distance constrain (D). SolveSpace hangs (version 2.2, 2.3).

Also you can find some other cases of hang\wrong constrain at this sample.
Mon May 1 2017, 10:23:55, download attachment
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