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Stability problem (by Josef)
Hi, thanks for a great program Solversapce.
I ran into a problem. After reaching a certain level of complexity of the design (50 groups), the program began to be unstable, freezes offten when saving.
Is there any solution?
I use Windows 7 32bit.
Thank you very much.
Tue Jul 22 2014, 13:51:24
(no subject) (by Josef)
It seems that I have fixed the problem by deleting several groups and re-done them. So there were probably some inconsistency in my .slvs project. I can provide the affected file.
Despite the problems, It is pleasure to work in Solvespace.
Is there a possibility to donate some money to the developper?
Wed Jul 23 2014, 11:48:08
(no subject) (by Jonathan Westhues)
If you post the file, then I can take a look. The program is single-threaded now, with the same thread handling the UI as regenerating the model; so it does tend to become unresponsive as the model gets big or unfortunately-structured.

I'm afraid that I have very limited time to work on the program now. If you want to make a donation, then you might instead post a bounty for some new developer to contribute a feature you want.
Thu Jul 24 2014, 02:43:44
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