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Is there anyway to edit a sketch after it is extruded? (by someone)
Is there any way to edit sketches or constraints after a sketch has been extruded. Like in inventor. I can find the sketches but I can not edit any dimensions in them.
Fri Jan 20 2017, 20:24:28
Nevemind (by someone)
I figured this out. Really needs to be better explained in the tutorial.
Fri Jan 20 2017, 20:31:41
edit sketch (by CHRISTIAN FAUDAIS)

You need to use the Property Brower
This browser show the timeline for the construction
You can go up and down
please take a look on the next files for more explaination .

Sun Jan 22 2017, 14:39:30, download attachment Bureau.rar
more detail please (by need help)
I'm trying to edit a rectangle after extruding it. All I get are reference dimentions. How do I edit the original constraint? I can find the pt-to-pt constraint in the browser window and it looks like the thing to edit but i cannot double click on the value to change the value.
Sat Oct 13 2018, 15:27:48
Subject: More detail on contours, extrusions, and navigation (by XRTRX)
need help:

The Property Browser window has a list of groups you've created. (Click on the 'home' link in the upper left or hit ESC if you don't see them.)

You should have a group named, for example, g003-extrude. The one before it is the rectangle contour (cross-section) on which your extrusion is based, for example g002-sketch-in-plane. Make that group active by clicking the circle in the "active" column (far-left).

In the drawing window, the extrusion will disappear, and your rectangle contour, with all its constraints, will show. Change that as you wish (even change it to another shape like a pentagon).

Make the extrude group active again, and you'll see the changes you made to your contour propogated to the extrusion.
Mon Oct 22 2018, 20:13:36
More detail on constraints and editing (by XRTRX)
-adding to previous post-

need help:
Once the group containing your rectangle is active, you can change constraints. Point-to-point-coincident constraints, which are what link line ends together, can't be edited--they must be deleted, and re-created as needed.

A dimension (pt-pt-distance constraint) can be either an "actual" constraint or a reference. Select one, and hit E to toggle which it is.

But you don't edit dimension constraints in the Property Browser. You can select it (single-click) in either the Property Browser or the drawing window, but then double-click it in the drawing window to change its value. If it doesn't change, that means there's another constraint preventing you (and your countour's probably over-constrained--too many constraints).

Hope that helps.
Mon Oct 22 2018, 20:27:53
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