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Can listing of over-constraints be made optional? (by Ross)
I've been building models which, by necessity, have a lot of constraints. The problem I have is that as soon as I add a constraint too many (i.e. over-constrain the model), it freezes the program for literally minutes. It must 'know' right away that it's over constrained, so I assume it must be this bit that's taking the time:

"As a convenience, SolveSpace calculates a list of constraints that could be removed to make the sketch consistent again."

99% of the time, I know exactly what the over-constraint is without being told, so the screen going red is enough. Could you look at either making the list of constraints an optional extra click away, or something that can be toggled on and off as a global setting?

Solvespace is a brilliant program, but I'm finding this one aspect is really harming my productivity.

Sat Dec 10 2016, 18:22:53
(no subject) (by whitequark)
Can you show an example of a sketch that exhibits this pathological behavior? It shouldn't take that long.
Sat Dec 10 2016, 18:31:36
constrain freeze (by Ross)
See attached. I've had the same problem with other models too - I'm working around it by creating separate models whenever I can, just to keep the number of constraints down.

My PC is a few years old, so I suppose it could be a problem of processing power, it just didn't seem that this would be that processor intensive.

Thanks for looking into it,
Sun Dec 11 2016, 17:18:07, download attachment constrain freeze.slvs
(no subject) (by whitequark)
That takes about 20s on my (very recent) PC, so it's clearly suboptimal. See
Mon Dec 12 2016, 03:14:41
constrain freeze (by Ross)
Thanks - I appreciate it. Will look forward to that getting fixed/improved.
Mon Dec 12 2016, 05:09:50
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