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Step Translation + Step Rotation constraint error (by Moritz Moeller)
Step Translation + Step Rotation constraint error (by Moritz Moeller)
More n00b questions on Step groups:

1. Create a Circle
2. Select the Circle
2. Create a Step Translate group from it
3. Create a Point
4. Select the point
5. Create a Step Rotation group
6. Try moving one of the offset constrain points from the Step Translate group

I get an error:

SOLVE FAILED! unsolvable constraints

The following constraints are incompatible

But there are no constraints listed that are supposedly incompatible.

What am I missing?

Thu Oct 13 2016, 12:16:26
(no subject) (by Moritz Moeller)
Ok, I understand now, that I have to select the translate group to do this.

But how do I see the overall effect on the final drawing. When I select the translate group, the 'shown' checkbox on the rotate group disappears.
Thu Oct 13 2016, 12:41:59
(no subject) (by Jonathan Westhues)
When an earlier group is active, the later groups don't get regenerated, so you can't meaningfully show them. That's necessary for speed. Activate the later group to see the final result.
Mon Oct 24 2016, 13:27:24
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