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Feature request: Diff View for git integration (by Pieter Slabbert)
It would be great to be able to view differences between two versions of model in the main view. It would also need to show the differences in properties.

I understand that it would be difficult to visualize but it would greatly enhance the possible work flows with SolveSpace.

This would enable easy review for hardware being designed, which we already have for code.
Mon Aug 29 2016, 03:26:40
(no subject) (by whitequark)
So, how do you expect that to work?
Mon Aug 29 2016, 07:10:29
(no subject) (by Pieter Slabbert)
Basically you would need to be able to invoke SolveSpace (or a dedicated diff viewer) from the command line with two files. It would open a view port that shows the model. Parts and constraints that were added or removed in the second file would be highlighted in some way, possibly coloured green and red as textual diffs usually are. Parts that haven't changed would look the same.

One possibility would be to make parts that haven't change very transparent. Or have a sliding viewport like some image diff programs, though I would prefer false colours and transparency to a sliding veiwport.

Ideally there would be different view options that make different types of differences easier to see. such as Githubs image diff modes

How exactly to display the diff would need to be experimented with, though even a very cluttered diff would still enable better review of what was actually done than looking through a textual diff of the files, or looking at the models one at a time.
Mon Aug 29 2016, 11:13:29
(no subject) (by Pieter Slabbert)
Here is a github post about diffs for stl files
Tue Aug 30 2016, 08:58:36
(no subject) (by whitequark)
Ok, I see. This is doable.
Tue Aug 30 2016, 09:42:24
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