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Awesome tool! Need 3 more features to be complete for me (by u6006)
For me, it would be a complete tool if SolveSpace can have these three following features:

1. boolean op of AND
2. sweep
3. loft

I can sort of simulate #1 and #3 for some scenarios, however, I really think it should have feature #2. Have you written/found any libraries to implement these?

Another good to have feature for me is to define vars shared among .slvs files.
Sat Aug 20 2016, 00:13:32
(no subject) (by whitequark)
Do not expect sweep or loft any time soon as there is no FOSS NURBS boolean library except OpenCASCADE, and there are currently no plans to integrate OpenCASCADE with SolveSpace.

Boolean intersection shouldn't be too tricky, but I'm not sure. Jonathan, would you have any suggestions on implementing that?
Sat Aug 20 2016, 08:30:04
(no subject) (by u6006)
It would make multi-edge fillet easier if you can add in Intersection op.
Sat Aug 20 2016, 13:43:34
(no subject) (by Jonathan Westhues)
At least in concept, the only change to support intersection would be to add that case in KeepRegion(). All Booleans start by trimming all the bounding surfaces against each other, and that's generally the hard part. The only thing that distinguishes a union vs. difference vs. intersection is which trimmed pieces we choose to keep.
Mon Aug 22 2016, 04:54:42
(no subject) (by Marcus)
I would really appreciate an intersection option and was going to ask for this to be considered in a future release. So many thanks if this could be done.
Sun Sep 18 2016, 16:52:37
(no subject) (by whitequark)
Mon Sep 19 2016, 23:13:46
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