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Is SolveSpace parametric between files? (by wolfv)
This refers the attached screenshot:
The rectangle sketch on the right is unconstrained.
The caliper sketch on left is linked from another file.
When I try to constrain two rectangle points to the caliper, the background goes red and Property Browser says:
SOLVE FAILED! unsolvable constraints

Can the geometry in one file be used constrain the geometry in another file?
Fri Jul 29 2016, 15:10:06, download attachment parametric_nobackup.png
(no subject) (by whitequark)
From the screenshot, it seems that the rightmost points of the caliper lips do not all lie on a single vertical line. Another problem is that you're adding constraints in the group where the caliper was imported, and so they would only apply to the caliper; all other geometry is treated as immovable.

See the attached archive.
Sat Jul 30 2016, 19:44:27, download attachment
(no subject) (by wolfv)
Thanks whitequark.
Sat Jul 30 2016, 21:08:15
Can 2 Point-on-point constraint determine the length of a linked group (by Joël de Bruijn)
I think I got the same question, sort of.
Made an object (wood panel) in one file and another (beam) in a second.
I use a third model to link them both.
A point-on-point constraint is used to position the beam in one corner of the panel.
Now I want use a second constraint (see attachement) to give the beam the needed length.
So can the length of the extrusion be changed according to the length of another object?

I'm fairly new to cad in general so I dont know if I use the proper terms.
Sat May 16 2020, 15:16:05, download attachment MakeTwoPartsEqualLengthAfterAssambly.png
(no subject) (by Eric Buijs)
When you import the an object into another file (link/assembly) the dimensions of the object are fixed. You can however import the wood panel into a file, create the sketch of the beam in that file and constrain the length to the panel (before extruding the beam). See example
Sat May 16 2020, 19:21:55, download attachment
(no subject) (by Joël de Bruijn)
Thanks for the quick respons, but will this work for more than 2 objects?

I'm stuck with different approaches:

- Cant constrain objects dimensions if they come from different files. i get that this is by design.

- Cant constrain an object sizes in all 3 dimensions. Can constrain 2 before extruding. Cant constrain the third after extruding.

- If I create a beam, sketch a second in 2D in the same file I cant even get the corner points constrain to one another. Also changing the extrusions of one solid changes the other as well.

My main goal is getting a 3D model of a cabinet: panels and beams. And instead of calculating every size of every beam, I would rather let the model tell me based on the first panels and beams. E.g. a beam on two opposite sides and the connecting beam between those two.

I quit FreeCad after hours of trying, watched the SolveSpace tutorials (thanks by the way) and read the documentation. I'm really motivated to learn this. ;)
Sun May 17 2020, 04:12:13
(no subject) (by Eric Buijs)
I understand what you're trying to do but I'm afraid that Solvespace isn't designed for this.

IMHO Solvespace is very easy to learn when compared to FreeCAD. This is partly due to the many workbenches in FreeCAD that provide additional functionality but also complicate the user interface.
Sun May 17 2020, 05:23:11
(no subject) (by Joël de Bruijn)
Better to understand capabilities of software early on. ;)

Must say, I was pretty 'hooked' by the concept of constraints and what it does. Also I was surprised the app itself is just 6 MB.

I'm not a developer, but this sort of powerfull "CAD-Lite" makes you wonder if it could spawn more variantions of Solvespace. Like one more geared to carpentry, or one more suited for interior-design etc.

If I 'just' could sketch multiple solids in the same 'space' etc.

Anyway, thanks!
Sun May 17 2020, 08:59:33
(no subject) (by Tom)
Can you sketch a "skeleton" of your design first, with just enough lines/points to figure out all the dimensions you care about with constraints in a single file? Then you can import that into the part files, and constrain the solid model against those.
Sun May 17 2020, 12:25:10
(no subject) (by Joel de Bruijn)
Oh wow, clever! Like a blueprint for a blueprint. ;)

And after creating all parts, assembling/linking them into one model?

I could sketch "front face" skeleton, "side-face" and view from above.

And all lines in this skeleton as reference lines?

Sun May 17 2020, 13:03:29
(no subject) (by Tom)
Yeah, though it doesn't actually matter if you mark them as construction lines. That only changes what gets extruded, so if you're not extruding any of those groups no need.
Sun May 17 2020, 13:29:22
(no subject) (by Tom)
Oh, and I'd probably do it as one big skeleton in 3d. But you could do multiple if you preferred too.
Sun May 17 2020, 13:30:05
(no subject) (by Joel de Bruijn)
Cool, definitly gonna try this!
Sun May 17 2020, 13:36:30
(no subject) (by Andrew)
A reminder, when using linked/assembled files, when a file is changed all dependent files need to be opened and saved to propagate the changes.
Sun May 17 2020, 15:41:01
(no subject) (by SolveSpace)
Hmmmmm, if I change one thing in the "Skeleton" and use it in a lot of parts ....
It can be quite labarious and error-prone if I have 50 parts or something.

Also, hence the warming of Eric.

Mon May 18 2020, 00:28:42
(no subject) (by Joël de Bruijn)
Also, I didnt know how to add new workplanes.
I guess nonlinear learning by scrolling, scannen and watching random tutorials, isnt the right way. ;)

Anyway, by adding new workplanes I managed to draw 4 beams in one model without linking/assemble. See attachement.

Only I cant seem to "close" the last beam by constraining length. Equal side length or point-on-point constraints leads to overconstraining.

Any suggestion would be welcome.
Tue May 19 2020, 14:00:22, download attachment MyFirstConstruction.png
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