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Where can I find some info about 3d parametric modeling? (by knauf)
Hello everyone!
I'm interested in theoretical concept behind "solvespace", but I don't know where to find it. A lot of things have been written about 3d modeling and geometrical representation, but I fear it's not exactly what I'm looking for. It's not information about modeling I am after, but the information about solver itself. Why we need a parametric solver, what kind of problems can it solve, what shortcomings does it have, how it's constructed etc.?
Best regards,
Sun Jul 10 2016, 11:01:50
(no subject) (by User1)
You can read many presented free manuals about SolidWork, Moi3D, FreeCAD etc., but think twice: did you really need parametric CAD?

In most cases if you select SolveSpace instead of Blender, you must understand what is parametric model and already have some knowledges in technical drawings and CAD software.

* http://www.concurrent-engineer...uction-to-Parametric-Modelling
Sun Jul 10 2016, 20:35:23
(no subject) (by EvilSpirit)
Mon Jul 11 2016, 08:50:58
(no subject) (by knauf)
Thank you both for your replies. EvilSpirit is right, I was looking for information about constraint solving. It is pretty interesting that when you think about parametric 3d CAD, first thing that comes in mind is the 3d modeling. But I wouldn't say that Solidworks and similar programs are the best choice for easy 3d modeling. It seems to me that the parametric solver concept is more useful in motion analysis. Though I'm not really sure.
Tue Jul 12 2016, 09:56:00
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