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Minor change (by RYAN WIDI SAPUTRA)
please check my video

-Named variable using comment constraint , example d=10 can be use on other constraint d+0.5
-copy paste transformed mirrorer (scale -1) to mirror the constraint too
-keep the expression on contraint editing, so next time edit constraint again it will show, for example d+0.5 instead 10.5

Still need work, on reevaluate all the comment constraint after load file. Still figuring how to do that. and still learning to compile for windows
Tue Jul 5 2016, 07:49:17
(no subject) (by Bep van Malde)
Good day Ryan,

This looks very promising.

Will you eventually create a possibility to connect to a external .csv file to up and download the named data to?
Thu Jul 7 2016, 06:08:59
(no subject) (by ruevs)
The changes look surprisingly unobtrusive... Was it really that easy?
Thu Jul 7 2016, 12:56:36
(no subject) (by ruevs)
By the way you have practically started working on
There are also a lot of discussions here on the forum on this subject.
Thu Jul 7 2016, 13:00:37
external table (by RYAN WIDI SAPUTRA)
i think, yea it will better to use external table, let me try.
Fri Jul 8 2016, 01:53:08
Done, external table (by RYAN WIDI SAPUTRA)

External variable. File format is just like solvespace expression. The code is run the expression line by line.
Sat Jul 9 2016, 06:06:20
(no subject) (by RYAN WIDI SAPUTRA)
i change the savetofile code, change the order constraint saved. All comment constraint must save first.

now all work.
Sat Jul 9 2016, 07:06:47
Step Rotate (by Paul)
Could this be used in the step rotating field? For something like a motor it's handy to design one section of it and then replicate that a number of times. For a 12 slot motor, you'd design a 360/12 = 30 degree wedge and replicate it 12 times. It would be nice to specify the number of slots and then put "360/slots" in an angle constraint and "slots" in the step rotating field. Can this be used like that?
Tue Jul 12 2016, 11:24:35
Yes it can (by RYAN WIDI SAPUTRA)
please check this video
Thu Jul 28 2016, 08:50:56
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