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Dimensional Constraint Variables (by uMinded)
It would be really handy to be able to put in $M5THROUGH instead of hard coding to "6mm"

If you could declare them such as above and have them listed on the home page it would allow for tolerance changes to be made easily.
Mon Jun 20 2016, 00:01:11
(no subject) (by whitequark)
Yeah, this is one of the most common requests. Working on it...
Mon Jun 20 2016, 09:49:00
Being able to control expressions and edit there values (by mmiscool)

First off. Solvespace is amazing. Its soooooo small and able to do so much with very little training. At my maker space I taught an 9 year old kid how to model some simple things in less than an hour. So great job to who ever is doing all the coding.

I don't know if this is along the same lines but I would like to see a feature similar to what is described below.

In other cad programs I use. NX, inventor. you can take a dimension and use that value in an expression for another dimension.

It would be extremely beneficial if this program could have a dialog that showed a list of all the dimensions in the model and allowed you to edit them from that list. some thing like assigning a d# to each dimension as it is created.
Some thing like the following

Expression (Variable name), value or equation, Comment or description
D1 = 5
D2 = 2 * D1
myCustomVariable = 20
D3 = myCustomVariable + 3

You could open a part. And go to the expression editor and be able to change a couple of values very quickly with out having to dig in to each feature from the tree.
Thu Jun 23 2016, 00:09:10
Named variable (by RYAN WIDI SAPUTRA)
Yea this is great, ithink by using lua or other small interpreter will be great is we can add coding in there too
Mon Jul 4 2016, 08:35:31
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