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Meaning of "relax constraintst and dimensions" (by Alex Yeilding)
A search of the reference document for "relax" did not find anything, and I can't figure out what this option upon creation of a sketch in new workplane does.

Sun Feb 23 2014, 17:06:38
(no subject) (by Jonathan Westhues)
When you check "relax constraints and dimensions", the constraint solver is disabled, as if you'd deleted all the constraints (except point-coincident constraints). The constraints aren't actually deleted, though; they're still drawn on the sketch, and when you un-check that box, the constraint solver will attempt to satisfy them again.

This feature is sometimes useful when a sketch has finitely many solutions, and the solver found the wrong one. (For example, you might draw a cyclic pentagon with equal side lengths, expecting a regular pentagon, but instead get a five-pointed star.) The solver picks whatever solution is closest to the initial position of the geometry; so to fix that, you can disable the solver, drag the geometry closer to your desired solution, and re-enable the solver.
Sun Feb 23 2014, 17:34:04
(no subject) (by Alex Yeilding)
Thanks. Seems obvious once you explain it!
Mon Feb 24 2014, 22:20:44
Quick improvement of the reference manual (by Rune)
May I propose to just copy your explanation into the reference manual because its really clear.
Fri Nov 7 2014, 03:19:37
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