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Can comments be constrained to another element's location? (by Michael Thomson)
Hi folks
This is a stunning bit of software, I'm deeply in awe!
Is there some way to constrain a comment so it moves in relation to the other objects / dimensions / constraints as they alter around it?
I want to ensure that as my model changes in response to dynamic adjustment of its reference dimensions, the comments that I've added stick with the parts of the diagram I was commenting on...
Essentially I don't want to have to resort to TTF text, but I can't see another way to 'pin' a comment to a vertex or line feature?
Sat May 28 2016, 16:33:55
(no subject) (by Jonathan Westhues)
Thanks, I'm glad that you liked it.

There's no way to pin comments like you want. I guess that could be implemented semi-cleanly, by making comment position either absolute (like now) or relative to a point entity?
Sat May 28 2016, 19:57:32
(no subject) (by User1)
@Jonathan Westhues
Think its a time unify text objects logic in solvespace, where difference between comment and truetype would be one check mark in property window, after switching those it change what type it would be and what font (truetype or internal vector font) use for it.
Sun May 29 2016, 07:32:13
(no subject) (by Michael Thomson)
Hi Jonathan
Comments positioned relative to a point in the workplace would be exactly what I'm thinking about. I suppose you need to pick a reference point for the comment text itself, and I'd suggest the centre of its bounding box if possible.
If there's a move to align the comments and truetype objects per the comment above, can I suggest you move the reference point for the Truetype font objects to their centre also?
The reason is that you can then very easily position the text with H/V constraints, and accidentally constraining to the text's handles doesn't cause the text (or sketch) to deform in odd ways.
Sun May 29 2016, 19:29:36
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