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Interpreting scan data (by Nick)
Hi all,

I have been asked to create a .step file of the back window of a modern car. I have a very high quality 3D scanner that will create a dimensionally accurate 3D model, but I need to have the window described in a .step file. I understand this will need to be a manual process, but at least I will have access to high quality measurements via the scan.

Since this is a fancy rear window, there are a lot of changing radius curves in the window. Would the best way of modeling the window be to:

-define measurements of the outside border of the window
-define the depth of the window curve at various points?

...the window would need to be fairly accurately modeled so I am wondering if I would even be able to get enough points of depth to really define the curves as much as I would need?

Any suggestions translating from 3D polygons to the .step format using Solvespace? thanks!
Tue Jan 21 2014, 19:33:06
(no subject) (by Jonathan Westhues)
That doesn't seem like a great application for SolveSpace, or for a mechanical CAD tool in general. I'd suggest that you use a more artist-oriented tool, like Rhino, or Maya, or MoI3d; that will be better for surfacing, and the ability to make models with parametric structure isn't necessary or useful here.
Wed Jan 22 2014, 00:12:46
(no subject) (by Nick)
Hmmm...thanks for the this particular application, the person asking for the scan will feed the .step file into a large scale CNC machine which will mill the window from foam, for later reproduction in some other more durable material.

The window itself is out of production, and therefore no CAD file of it exists, yet it has graceful descending curves that would be both hard to measure physically, but easy to scan. It's just that my scanner only creates polygons, and I need something more "definite" for the milling machine to use. I know that Inventor and Solidworks both can use point cloud data to create models, but I do not have access to those more expensive tools...but I guess that is why they cost so much, they can do weird things like import scanned point clouds and turn them into other file formats :)

I am definitely going to be learning/suggesting/assisting with getting people familiar with SolveSpace, thanks for creating a great program!
Thu Jan 23 2014, 10:47:17
Some Thoughts .. (by Roland Frank)
Hello Nick.

You don't need expensive Software to do what you have in

1.) Remember that Solvespace has no import-Options

2.) For Getting the Point Cloud Data into STL-Format
you could use Meshlab.
For Repairing the MESH you could use FreeCAD or even give
NetFABB Basic ( a Try.

See here for Tipps/Discussion:

Have a nice Time.

Thu Jan 23 2014, 17:57:06
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