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Free SLVS models repositary (by User1)
Did you know what would be best place for opensource SolveSpace models with free download without need to sign-in?

I try read this list:
Is Libre3D good?

Think, need something like for cliparts, or for fonts.

Also, maybe need contact with existing sites to add support for SLVS format?
Wed Jan 20 2016, 01:35:14
My personal favourite ... (by Roland Frank)
Well, my choice would be GrabCAD.

Basically it's a file repository.
Whatever screenshot or rendered picture is in the
Renderings-subfolder will be displayed.

You also have the possibility to share your tricks/tipps
or tutorials there.

You have to sign in to download.
But since downloaders do often also upload and the
registration is free i would not mind ...

Fri Jan 22 2016, 03:17:27
(no subject) (by User1)
@ Roland Frank,
As I know GrabCAD give only 30 days free trial, and then need pay for using. So, no. Thanks, but its bad choice for SLVS repo.
Fri Jan 22 2016, 04:09:38
GrabCAD (by Roland Frank)
The payment is only for the workbench-stuff.

Uploading/download models is for free.

Look at my (FreeCAD)Projects:

I did all this with my free account.
I never have paid money.
Fri Jan 22 2016, 04:14:33
Why not use Github ? (by Roland Frank)
Well, i made some tests ..
The png is supported with preview (as well as GIF and JPG)
The STL file can be viewed in 3D.
And the ZIP contains the solvespace-files.
You can work with sub-directories.
And you only need a free account for upload.
Sat Aug 20 2016, 04:20:45
(no subject) (by whitequark)
Yeah, GitHub is also what I use. For all simple tasks it is sufficient, and anything really complex should eventually be solved by integrating git with SolveSpace itself.
Sat Aug 20 2016, 08:27:24
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