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DXF export poll (by whitequark)
There's currently some DXF export improvements that sit in a branch I have not properly merged yet. Specifically...

* exporting line widths
* exporting colors
* assembling contours into DXF groups
* exporting arcs as DXF arcs (unfortunately, only when the workplane containing the arc is parallel to the viewport)
* exporting constraints as DXF constraints, not piecewise linear splines (only distance constraints so far)

Unfortunately some of these features tickle bugs in other programs that read DXF files. They have been quite annoying to debug. Thus I would like to ask people here:

What programs do you use to read DXF files exported from SolveSpace?

You can also tell me if there's some other DXF export improvement you would like to see.
Mon Jan 18 2016, 13:35:37
2D DXF CAD-Programs ... (by Roland Frank)
I guess LibreCAD (
and Draftsight ( are widely used in the free/open source community.
Mon Jan 18 2016, 14:26:09
2d dxf programs (by Dave)
I use solid edge free 2d drafting ST8, the only problem is that its constraint solver seems a bit clunky compared to solvespace...

This is what i do:
- Design mechanical 2d sketch in solvespace
- Export to dxf - then import into ST8
- Import dxf design from machine I use into ST8
- work with the 2 dxf's in ST8

it works but a pain in the butt!

So I'm pretty happy with its export functionality, but if only solvespace could import dxf :-(
Mon Jan 18 2016, 18:20:49
(no subject) (by EvilSpirit)
it's possible to create import with libdxfrw, but it's low priority at now. may be later :)
Tue Jan 19 2016, 11:59:34
(no subject) (by yugami)
Any way to show hidden lines? For instance dashed lines showing inner hollow parts (think of a tube with a set of dashed lines defining the ID)
Thu Jan 21 2016, 11:50:37
(no subject) (by EvilSpirit)
You can use sections to show it. Just use booleans on imported geometry.
Thu Jan 21 2016, 23:33:18
(no subject) (by EvilSpirit)
To show inner design
Thu Jan 21 2016, 23:34:11
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