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to modify the import file (by normandajc)
it is possible in the software to import a file xxxx.slv to obtain a solid model as union, difference or assemble
If you must modify the choice of the import file, you must use a text editor.

Can you expect a box to modify
import geometry from file
'/..../..../xxxx.slv' [modify] <----------
scaled by 1.000 [change]

For example if you create an assembly with files in the same directories.
If you made a copy of this directory on another computer. The assembly do not know the import directories of files. you must use a text editor to change
Sun Jan 10 2016, 13:26:30
(no subject) (by whitequark)
In my latest nightly (, if, during loading, an imported file is missing, you will be prompted to locate the file. Then, it will be loaded.
Mon Jan 11 2016, 07:34:07
(no subject) (by normandajc)
My antivirus has deleted your solvespace.exe file. I managed to test.
I propose rather that the imported file is in the same directory as the assembly file.

With a text editor, I edit the following lines


I change these lines


and so I can transfer the directory on another computer without not change.

files example
Wed Jan 13 2016, 03:47:19, download attachment
(no subject) (by whitequark)
That is certainly a false positive--nightly builds of SolveSpace, regardless of a platform, are performed on a machine that is wiped and replaced with a fresh installation before every build. More often than not, the utility provided by antivirus software is negative.

Group.impFileRel should have had the value axle.slvs, i.e. the relative path, in the first place. I think there is a bug in SolveSpace 2.0 which caused it to output Group.impFileRel incorrectly. You will find that if you re-save the files using the executable I provided you with, you do not need to re-locate the imported files if their path relative to the importing file does not change, i.e. if you just move the entire folder to another computer.
Wed Jan 13 2016, 07:05:00
(no subject) (by normandajc)
I tested with a new assembly using solvespace 2.1.
This works perfectly for both solvespace 2.1 installed on windows or linux.
If the assembly was created with solvespace 2.0 and I use solvespace 2.1, I get an error message.
I now use that solvespace 2.1.
Thank you
Thu Jan 14 2016, 02:37:04
(no subject) (by whitequark)
You should update to a later build, i.e., since the one I linked earlier in this thread had a bug impacting certain extrusions.
Thu Jan 14 2016, 06:45:00
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