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Native Mac OS X port; binary packages (by whitequark)
As promised in I implemented a native Mac OS X port. You can download the binaries at or build it yourself at

I must say that I've put a lot of work into polishing the UI and rather like the result myself.
Tue Mar 24 2015, 20:45:51, download attachment 385.png
Re: Native Mac OS X port (by Gary)
Thank you very much for this. I spent quite a few hours trying to compile on my Mac OS X machine but OpenGL library was simply too hard.

BTW I notice an occasional flash of the main window. Refresh perhaps?
Tue Mar 24 2015, 23:25:53
(no subject) (by whitequark)
There's some minor flickering of a white rectangle under the cursor (on my machine at least). It seems to happen when mouse movement results in requesting a redraw. I'm not sure how to fix it yet.
Wed Mar 25 2015, 11:49:17
(no subject) (by whitequark)
I've fixed the flickering issue in latest nightly.
Wed Mar 25 2015, 20:51:20
Re: Native Mac OS X port (by Gary)
Text in TrueType font (button and menu item) doesn't seem to be connected to the correct section. All I get is two interesecting lines but when I run SS under Parallels it displays 'Abc' as the text.
Thu Mar 26 2015, 21:52:34
(no subject) (by whitequark)
Gary, turns out it tries to use "arial.ttf" by default, which is obviously not present on non-Windows. For now you'll have to select the font in the browser manually.
Fri Mar 27 2015, 09:15:36
(no subject) (by whitequark)
New nightly also supports Retina displays.
Fri Mar 27 2015, 09:15:50
crash and keys (by Paul)
Looks good, but I had a couple crashes trying to resize the window. Also, the delete key does not work. I'm on a MacBook Air and there is no backspace key. Using the menu to delete is a hassle. I'm curious how much code had to change to do this and the GTK port? Are the different GUI options a compile time option or is it a branch/fork for each one?
Tue Mar 31 2015, 21:36:20
(no subject) (by whitequark)
@Paul, can you please attach the backtrace corresponding to the crash? I only have virtualized hardware, and can't reproduce.

Fn+Backspace might work. Do you have an idea of where it would be appropriate to remap the delete key? I think it would be best to leave the backspace binding as it were.

I rewrote all GUI code completely from scratch for Cocoa. You can select the GUI by passing the -DGUI=cocoa or -DGUI=gtk2 option to cmake. They're in the same source tree.
Wed Apr 1 2015, 08:14:24
(no subject) (by Paul)
I can't seem to reproduce the crash now - will post if it happens again.
fn-delete works fine (I'm new to mac, so didn't know that convention)
Wed Apr 1 2015, 19:02:25
crash (by Paul)
It crashed on my Mac again, not sure why. Is the attached useful?

Also, is there a way to rotate 3d view with the trackpad? There's only 1 "button" on it equivalent to left mouse.
Fri Apr 3 2015, 12:35:46, download attachment ss_mac_crash.txt
Rotating with pad (by Paul)
Found it. You use shift and click-drag with two fingers.
Fri Apr 3 2015, 19:18:41
(no subject) (by whitequark)
@Paul, ACK on the crash. The report doesn't help but it is identical to other reports I had, so I can at least confirm this.
Wed Apr 22 2015, 23:34:12
GTK port (by avh.on1)
For people looking for it, here's the forum thread with the GTK port:
Sat Nov 21 2015, 21:24:32
Solvespace 3 and performance boost (by Azial)
Btw, the official version (2.3) on the download page is almost unusable performance wise (choppy rendering). I found this post where this issue was resolved and a binary is provided:
Sun Feb 16 2020, 11:46:53
(no subject) (by Paul)
Why are people still using version 2.3?
Sat Sep 4 2021, 08:17:45
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