SOLVESPACE -- parametric 2d/3d CAD

The following builds are available:

Version Released Platforms
3.0.rc2 release candidate Windows Vista–10, Linux, Mac
2.3 stable December 23, 2016 Windows XP–10, Linux, Mac
2.0 stable July 28, 2013 Windows XP–10

Release candidate 3.0.rc2 is now available! Please help us test its many new features, and report any issues. Less adventurous users may still prefer an earlier stable release.

Under Windows, no installation is required. Download solvespace.exe and run it immediately. To continue using SolveSpace, save solvespace.exe somewhere convenient. For higher performance on multi-core processors, try solvespace-openmp.exe (but you may need to install vc_redist.x86.exe first).

Under OS X, run the .app file directly from the disk image, or drag it to Applications to install. Use 3.0.rc2, since earlier versions have OS X bugs.

Under Linux, you may find SolveSpace in your distribution's package manager, or you can obtain it from the Snap Store. You may also build SolveSpace from source and install it youself.

Files saved by 3.0 may be readable by earlier versions, but some new features are unsupported in older versions.

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Quick start: The first time SolveSpace runs, you will see an empty workplane.

To learn more about SolveSpace, see the tutorials, or the reference manual.

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SolveSpace is free software, distributed under the GPLv3. Source code for the first release is available for download at:

Later versions of the source code are hosted in git at GitHub.

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