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trouible loading a design (by John Griessen)
I'm having trouible loading a design that was behaving consistently
while adding extrusions from imports. Will you all try this and see if it is my
linux installation?
top file is enclosure-mid-mod-inj-slots-ctr2-21.slvs

import files needed to open it are: enclosure-pcb-slots-1.slvs,


Thanks, John Griessen
Tue Jun 9 2015, 00:16:24
(no subject) (by Jonathan Westhues)
It opens for me under Windows, except for a warning due to the file format change. What's the problem? Or try under WINE, maybe?
Tue Jun 9 2015, 00:30:46
What's the problem? (by John Griessen)
It does a seg fault attempting to start that set of files on my debian machine version 2.1.Built 14:14:58 Apr 7 2015.

I'll look into wine some, but that takes away a lot of efficiency. There could be trouble with my hardware, and some of the shared libs used -- I occasionally get out of memory situation and the machine locks up. htop says memory of 4GB only half used right now though.

Maybe the gtk port does some bad over use of memory when there are imports
and extrusions and the parts start adding up in complexity.
Tue Jun 9 2015, 10:36:53
What's the problem? (by John Griessen)
I retraced my steps and adding more than one extrusions is what caused a seg fault on next load attempt. If you don't stop, you can go on adding detail only to not be able to open the file... This is only with the gtk port. John Griessen
Tue Jun 9 2015, 12:13:05
switched to using wine on debian linux (the 32 bit version) (by John Griessen)
It's too bad, some details of the gtk windows and dialogs were smoother, better.
Tue Jun 9 2015, 14:58:25
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