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Drawing with Step Rotating renders as wire frame. (by wolfv)
I made a symmetric sketch by drawing half of it and then mirroring ('Step Rotating' and 'repeat 2 times').
But when I extrude the sketch, it rendered as a wire frame.
Is there a way to make the extrusion solid?

mirror_1.slvs is attached.
Fri Jun 7 2024, 19:29:52, download attachment mirror_1.slvs
(no subject) (by Tom)
Remove the line on the symmetry axis, since you don't want that in your section to extrude.
Sat Jun 8 2024, 04:36:01
(no subject) (by wolfv)
Thanks for your quick reply.

I removed the axis line and attempted to extrude.
A green arrow points in the direction of the intended extrusion but the extrusion does not render.
What else can I try?

mirror_2.slvs is attached.
Thu Jun 13 2024, 11:53:30, download attachment mirror_2.slvs
success (by wolfv)
This worked:

To mirror a plane sketch
- make sketch-in-plane to be mirrored
- select axis of rotation
- New Group → Step Rotating
- - Property Browser → repeat 2 times
- select workplane that sketch is in
- Sketch → In Workplane
- New Group → Extrude

Thanks for your patience.
Sat Jun 15 2024, 13:46:45, download attachment mirror_4.slvs
(no subject) (by Tom)
It looks like maybe you created a new empty sketch g004 and then extruded that? I activated g003, set it to sketch in the XY plane (the rotate is 3D so that's not selected by default), and extruded. That worked for me.
Sat Jun 15 2024, 13:50:40
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