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90 degree chainlink object in solvespace (by cmpxchg)
Regarding freecad and solvespace user interfaces, I came across this excellent video on at least four different freecad workflows to create a complex 3D object out of 1 cloned 2D sketch.

I tried the same in solvespace (attached), and I was surprised that the solvespace way was actually much more intuitive, and similar to the the author's first approach. Solvespace example attached. However, solvespace cannot merge two curved surfaces and split them up in multiple curved surfaces, i.e. curve crossing the center in the sketch.

In freecad, the author uses the FreeCad 'fused' or 'common' options, while in solvespace there is only the 'intersection' operation. Is there a way for solvespace to merge objects along curved surfaces?
Mon Apr 15 2024, 02:24:31, download attachment
(no subject) (by Daniel Engineering Solutions)
I think you could also use "union" to get the parts to join, but that would require a bit of clean up to delete excess material on the model.
Mon Apr 15 2024, 17:13:18
(no subject) (by cmpxchg)
in the end, it does work in solvespace, if you tick the 'force NURBS surfaces to triangle mesh' - but that means you lose the option to export an accurate STEP file.
Thu Apr 18 2024, 01:16:43
(no subject) (by Daniel Engineering Solutions)
That's true but, depending on your end use, you can always import an exported .stl into freeCAD and reformat it into a step file.
Mon Apr 22 2024, 11:41:55
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