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Tapered Extrusion (by Emre Sururi)
Dear All,

I want to make a tapered extrusion such that, the 2D sketch gets scaled on extruding - is there a way to do this in SolveSpace?

PS. Thank you for this wonderful program, please do keep up the fantastic work! 8)
Thu Apr 11 2024, 04:27:54
(no subject) (by Daniel Engineering Solutions)
Unfortunately there isn't a way to do a tapered extrusion, but there are definitely work arounds to get a similar (if not the same) result. If you provide an example of what you're trying to do, I can try to help out.
Thu Apr 11 2024, 11:08:32
(no subject) (by cmpxchg)
there might be a patch/hack, unsupported, and if you're willing to compile your own - unsuitable for long-term development, and unlikely to be integrated -
Thu Apr 11 2024, 11:57:00
(no subject) (by cmpxchg)
on vanilla 3.1, tapered holes are easy - just 2D sketch the half of the sideview, select a point and line to revolve or lathe around, then select difference to subtract it from existing 3D shape. Using a linked object with the tapered shape, and substract/difference that is even cleaner.
Thu Apr 11 2024, 14:01:04
Examples (by Emre Sururi)
Dear Daniel and cmpxchg, thank you for your help.

What I have in mind as simple cases can be imagined as a partial square pyramid, a partial tetrahedron or a partial cone where the top is not an edge but a scaled down version of the base. I believe it can be achieved by defining convenient workplanes, extruding and subtracting them from the original extruded prism however it seems painstaking.

I happened to find a tetrahedron in the forums* - I clipped it to my needs as presented in the attachment and will analyze it for the construction but it seems far too complicated for my skills - I hope that there's a much simpler way to construct such geometries.. :`(

I will try the patch (unfortunately at the moment cmpxchg's 2nd comment's instructions seemed a little bit complicated to me).

Thank you once again for your kind replies and guidance.

* Link for the original tetrahedron:
Thu Apr 11 2024, 14:44:59, download attachment Tetrahedron_clipped.slvs
"Frustum" 8) (by Emre Sururi)
Turns out that "frustum" is the keyword! I saw that there was a discussion going on and I hope that it will get implemented soon! 8)
Thu Apr 11 2024, 15:27:35
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