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Creating a CAD Model Without Manufacturer Files: Best Practices for Beginners? (by Marcel d)
Hi there,

I have a question regarding CAD for beginners. For instance, I'm looking to design a housing or box for a 2" TFT display (

In cases where I can't obtain a CAD file from the manufacturer, what would be your recommended approach? Should I opt for taking the most precise measurements using a caliper and protractor? Or is it better to capture a photo of the component with a ruler in the background, then scale it correctly and trace it?

I appreciate any insights you can provide.

Thank you!
Wed Mar 20 2024, 05:51:22
(no subject) (by Paul)
By all means, use calipers to measure all the key dimensions. Be certain to get the distance between the mounting holes - center to center, and the overall dimensions and the location of (one of) the holes relative to that.

You might also benefit from making a model of that part before designing an enclosure. This will help you get more familiar with it and recall various things you might otherwise overlook. Then when the enclosure design is complete, you can test the fit with in SolveSpace by making an assembly with the part model.
Wed Mar 20 2024, 10:09:02
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