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Organising paths and saved locations (by Jonathan)
Hello, I am greatly enjoying learning and using SolveSpace, so many thanks for the hard work.
However, my efforts have led to an issue that is not, I believe, with SolveSpace itself, but with the way computers generally process. I will be grateful to understand this better.
The issue, is concerned with saving my .slvs files, opening them, closing them, and having assemblies. I would like to be able to synchronise my files across the HD (internal) storage, and the USB key I take out for machine time.
When I go to my home folder, and access a subfolder with solvespace project, say, the "Home/Grue/Umbrella" folder, I find I can open a drawing "Bobbin_shape.slvs", but the computer, when opening this, gives the file another location (such as "/run/user/1000/doc/119b2ddc/Bobbin_shape.slvs").
In order to get the assembly on an external computer, repeated use of "Save as" is my workaround.
Where may I find resources to learn to better manipulate these kind of settings please? Thanks.
Fri Mar 15 2024, 06:21:43
(no subject) (by cmpxchg)
the .slvs files can be read by a text editor and the filenames and paths can be found inside it. There is also c++ sourcecode available.
Fri Mar 15 2024, 17:45:38
(no subject) (by Jonathan)
OK, cheers for this interesting tip!
Fri Mar 15 2024, 18:14:51
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