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bent/curved tube? (by Marcel d)
Hey SolveSpacers,

I browsed through the forum and found a few entries for "tubes," but I didn't really find a solution for a bent tube.

Task: It's an adapter for a vacuum cleaner, so it has to be hollow. How would you approach making a bent tube like the one in my screenshot?
Sun Feb 25 2024, 02:50:06, download attachment tube.png
(no subject) (by Tom)
That part should be possible with three lathe operations, one through 90 degrees for the pipe and two through 360 degrees for the flanges. Anything except straight or circular arcs will be impossible though.
Sun Feb 25 2024, 03:44:24
(no subject) (by Marcel d)

Do I understand this right, that the tube with 90 degree is possible?
How would you do that?

Normal tube with flange is not the problem see attachment.
Sun Feb 25 2024, 04:45:12, download attachment tube.slvs
(no subject) (by Tom)
The 90 degree is possible, by lathing two concentric circles to make a torus and then cutting away 3/4 of it to leave the remaining 90 degrees worth. There might be a better way, not sure.
Sun Feb 25 2024, 16:57:16
(no subject) (by Paul)
Make 2 concentric circles. Add a construction line for the axis of revolution. But don't use the lathe option, use Revolve instead. This will let you constrain the angle easier.

With the current development version you can even select the 2 end faces and use a perpendicular constraint to get the 90 degree bend.
Sun Feb 25 2024, 22:42:35
(no subject) (by Daniel Engineering Solutions)

Here's something I threw together but should demonstrate the basics of what everyone else is saying here. In my personal experience, bent tubes tend to lead to a lot of NURBS issues, so I recommend checking "force NURBS to triangle mesh" immediately when starting.
Mon Feb 26 2024, 08:41:43, download attachment BENT TUBE.slvs
(no subject) (by Marcel d)
Thank you very much for all of the responses and thanks Daniel Engineering Solutions for your example! That helped me a lot!

Cheers to all SolveSpacers!
Mon Feb 26 2024, 13:10:26
tube with angle? (by edi)
Thx for the very usefull example

Is there a way that I also can add a radius to the tube?

See attached screen. I need R35 and that the distance will be 58 - but in my case the 54.15 are fix and i can't change the "height" of the tube.
Thu Mar 21 2024, 14:59:58, download attachment
(no subject) (by cmpxchg)
in group g002 which you drawn first there is still 1 DOF left, setting that with d to 58 also fixes the 54.15 ref in g00a
Sun Mar 24 2024, 11:35:46
thx (by edi)
thx for your time and help!
Sun Mar 24 2024, 11:57:50
(no subject) (by cmpxchg)
such bend, two tubes and two flanges with holes. can all be done by adding two in solvespace 3.1, some dimensions like number of holes and hole dia might be missing? quick sketch attached
Sun Mar 24 2024, 13:42:36, download attachment tube2.slvs
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