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Extending an existing model (by Casey James)
I'm looking to create a 3D printed part that couples tightly to these lenses:

There is an indented tab on the top/middle where the focus marks are displayed, I'm hoping to extrude a registration from the tabs inner edge and build the rest of the part from there,

Is there any way to work with the step file they offer on their site?

What would be the best alternative if there is no way to use solvespace?
Tue Feb 13 2024, 12:41:50
(no subject) (by Andrew)
You can open step in Freecad. Alternatively, try and find a dxf for the type of lens mount used,, or a dimensioned drawing
Tue Feb 13 2024, 13:10:18
(no subject) (by Marcel D.)
I'm converting the stp to stl (online or with slicer) and than link it in solve space

I've tried your example - see attached files. The STL File you can "edit" as normal shape/object
Tue Feb 13 2024, 14:00:50, download attachment
(no subject) (by Casey James)
Thank you for assembling that!
Loading in 30-min when I get home.

FreeCad loads the model.
I selected ask of the inner faces/surface_patches of the step but hit a wall.
How to build off the original model didn’t immediately leap out.

FreeCad appears arcane - maybe not?
Plasticity looks tough for iterative sizing of parts.
CAD Sketcher for blender has been ok, but no step import.

Ideally, I invest the time in Solvespace - the python api has me salivating.

For the attached files, would I snap/retrace the focus_window inner edges to trace a new part,
offset to create a tolerance gap for printing and then extrude an outline?
Watched lots of YouTube SolveSpace builds and created a few parts, but no idea how to build around an stl mesh.

I’m trying to create a two part cuff that grabs the metal between the focus ring and the aperture.
Tue Feb 13 2024, 15:56:19
(no subject) (by Andrew)
If you want help with FreeCad I suggest viisiting:
Tue Feb 13 2024, 17:17:23
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