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Rotating Model Without a Center Mouse (by Michael Olsen)

Because of various constraints, I am limited to using a "2 button" mouse (i.e., center click is neither available nor possible).

My question is, is it possible to rotate models without a 3 button/scroll wheel mouse? I ask as I am interested in moving to SolveSpace but cannot figure out how to view various model aspects without using "center drag". So far, I have not been able to find any keyboard/mouse combinations that allow for this fundamental function.

Please, no recommendations of 'alternative' hardware. My constraints are hard physical limitations. Please respect this fact.
Sun Feb 11 2024, 14:32:33
(no subject) (by Tom)
Shift+right-drag looks equivalent to center-drag, and you can zoom with the + and - keys. The menu says + is the shortcut for zoom in, but = (same key without shift) also works.
Sun Feb 11 2024, 15:01:03
From (by ruevs)
Graphics Window and Model View

To pan the view, right-drag with the mouse.

To rotate the view, center-drag with the mouse. This turns the part over, so that the surfaces that used to be hidden (because they were facing backwards, away from the viewer) become visible.

To rotate the view within the plane of the monitor, Ctrl+center-drag with the mouse.

It is also possible to pan by Shift+center-dragging, or to rotate by Shift+right-dragging.

To zoom in or out, rotate the scroll wheel. It is also possible to zoom by using the View menu, or the associated keyboard shortcuts (+ and -). Some features, including the planes, are always drawn the same size on-screen, and are therefore not affected by zooming.
Sat Feb 24 2024, 14:09:13
(no subject) (by Paul)
It might be nice to have the arrow keys do rotation. They don't seem to be used for anything else.
Sat Feb 24 2024, 15:28:04
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