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Help with trying a TTT model (by SSUser1001)

I tried to model the 23-T-06 Weight Plate from the July 15 World Cad Championship on the Too Tall Toby youtube video just to get some practice and could use some help with locating the DOF for (g004 and g005) so it is at zero.

Also looking for some advice for a better way to model this part.

I had issues with visibility while in group g004 sketching the cut out.
Sun Feb 4 2024, 19:47:01, download attachment Weight_Plate.slvs
(no subject) (by Andrew)
Any group generating a solid has an option in its properties to hide the sold model, and there is the option in analyze to show under constrained points. Also note, a difference extrude can 'cut air', ans so you could draw you spoke creating shape, and rotate it, on a plane outside the weight, which is preferable, unless there is a reason such as creating an internal cavity, as makes it easier to wee how the model is is being built.
Sun Feb 4 2024, 20:17:34
(no subject) (by SSUser1001)
thank you for the advice. I was in the habit of using one of the main planes from using FreeCAD. I had forgotten about the possibility of selecting a face and a point to use as a sketch plane. I was able to redo the drawing without any DOF except for the rotate group now.
Mon Feb 5 2024, 23:14:05
(no subject) (by Andrew)
The rotate group is free to have the arc it spans changed, drag a point in one of the repeats to see it You could, instance, constrain a point on the center line of a shape to a radius. Hint a line has infinite length when it come to constraints, so a radius opposite of the point will do.
Tue Feb 6 2024, 07:50:24
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