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How to chop out a piece of a graphic (by cms)
I'm going though some of the reddit challenges from 7 years ago.

Right now I'm trying to do

I have the backend done and trying to do the front end as a separate file. I figured it would be easiest to hook the two together after developing both of them separately. First, would I be right in that assumption? Secondly, would it be even better(thinking it through right now) to do it in three parts?

Secondly, as you can see in the attached file I have most of the front end done. How do I chop out the front of triangle out? I've drawn the outline of it but how do I remove? I've probably long ago approached the entire idea the wrong way. You only learn through your mistakes.
Sun Feb 4 2024, 17:08:40, download attachment frontbox.slvs
(no subject) (by Andrew)
You can 'cut air' with a difference extrude and it will not affect subsequently created solids. You could draw the cutout in the same sketch as the circle, and do both cuts at once, or do it in separate sketch and extrude.
Sun Feb 4 2024, 17:47:24
(no subject) (by cms)
But how? How do I draw the area to be cut? I just tried the following modification but it still doesn't give a pop out. When it pop outs how do I delete it?
Sun Feb 4 2024, 19:37:50, download attachment frontbox.slvs
(no subject) (by Andrew)
A rectangle in the same sketch as the circle, will do what you want, as the side view section of what you want to cut away id a rectangle.
Sun Feb 4 2024, 20:01:31
(no subject) (by cms)
Okay, I went back to the extrude right before the I had been extruding the circle and added in the box. I went to extrude and it extruded the box only and not the circle. Any attempts I'm trying to get it to extrude the circle now, even without the box there is not happening.

Why is sometimes you can get the item to extrude and other you can't? In trying the first attempt with the box and the circle, DOF was showing as OK the whole way through the list.
Sun Feb 4 2024, 20:51:37
(no subject) (by cms)
Okay, finally went back a bit further. I got to get use to the Active button and taking it all the way back to where you are trying to get to. Went ALL the way back and drew the box again and now it gives me both. I think I just learnt something BIG.

Thanks Andrew.
Sun Feb 4 2024, 20:59:23
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