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Can't add datum point (by cms)
Really strange until now I've had no trouble adding the datum points but now that I'm trying to create the last tube it won't allow me to add the datum on either side of the shape, I can put them just about anywhere else but not on the endpoint lines on either side of where I want to put the last tube.
Sat Feb 3 2024, 21:45:42, download attachment xtubes.slvs
(no subject) (by Andrew)
I think you are trying to put a point on a line that is normal to the sketch plane. Also you have lots of errors because you have lines splitting an area into two parts. This can be avoided by using construction lines. (Sketch/toggle construction, shortcut G).

Attached is a sketch of how I would draw the tube cross. Note, you can extrude a construction drawing producing a line skeleton in 3d. Also, when in sketch in plane the rest of the model is projected onto the plane, so that you can use mid points of the projected lines etc.
Sun Feb 4 2024, 06:08:59, download attachment alt_xtube.slvs
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