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Can't spin an object on its axis (by cms)
Trying out 3D/CAD drawing for the first time over the past two days now. I've given on a couple of things thus far as couldn't figure out what I was doing wrong, that's another story for another time.

Right now I've drawn a series of triangle all interconnected, 30mm. I also put in a midpoint line on the long leg of each one of them. I put a tube down the center between them. Thus far everything is mostly fine. Yes, some of the usual errors but at least it looks like I want it to.

Now I'm trying to get add in a tube through the middle of the 30mm depth legs, basically forming a cross with the original tube. The trouble I'm having is when I go and draw the circle right in front of the original tube, hooking it up to the midpoint of the depth line it isn't going facing straight back. When extrude the image its off to side of where I'm trying to get it to go,

How do spin the circle around so the tube goes straight back to its connecting point on the backside of the object? I keep trying everything to spin the circle on its axis but it just won't let me.

Sat Feb 3 2024, 17:53:44
(no subject) (by Andrew)
You need to create a workplane in the correct orientation so that looking through it is the direction you want to extrude. You can create a workplane using a point and two line that lie on the desired plane. One or both of those lines can be a construction line. You use those for create new sketch in new workplane. the default when you create a new workplane id the nearest basis plane to your viewpoint.

(Hint is is useful to attach the file you are working on when asking a question, as it make answering question easier.)
Sat Feb 3 2024, 18:07:23
(no subject) (by cms)
Thanks, did the trick. Now if I can figure why I can't add a point to line so I can do the last circle... I can add a line anywhere else but where I'm trying to add it.
Sat Feb 3 2024, 21:10:23
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