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Export to FreeCAD to add fillets (by Laurence Rochfort)
Hello all,

Is it possible to export a completed model to FreeCAD to add fillets. If so, could somebody please suggest how the best way to do so?

Many thanks
Tue Jan 23 2024, 06:07:09
(no subject) (by Andrew)
You can export wire frame or surfaces, as step files, and afaik FreeCad will import those.
Tue Jan 23 2024, 07:30:33
(no subject) (by Daniel Engineering Solutions)

You can absolutely do that. I had planned a video outlining exactly that a few years ago but life got in the way of me recording it.

The more I use solvespace the more I've moved away from the FreeCAD process, unless the fillets are absolutely necessary, as it becomes cumbersome quickly.

As for the process, it's outlined below. Once you've modeled the base part, export surfaces as .stp. Go to FreeCAD:

-Click new part
-Ensure you're in the part design workbench
-Click File -> import
-Select the exported .stp file
-Click "create new body"
-Then in the feature tree drag the "imported" underneath the "Body"
-Ensure that the "body" in the feature tree is active (right click "toggle active")

Now you should be able to click any of the edges and select fillet/chamfer etc. and modify as you please.

My alternative workflow has since developed into me turning on "force NURBS to triangle mesh" inside solvespace immediately when I start working and then I'll just fake in any chamfers or fillets that I need.

I hope that's all helpful and of course if you have any questions feel free to ask.
Tue Jan 23 2024, 14:31:18
(no subject) (by Laurence Rochfort )
Thank you both for your replies.

Daniel, could you please expand on what you mean by faking in the fillets?
Tue Jan 23 2024, 17:07:50
(no subject) (by Daniel Engineering Solutions)
Absolutely. See the attached model. I know the corner is sharp where all 3 of the fillets intersect, you can get around that through some other modeling tricks, but you should be able to get the idea.
Wed Jan 24 2024, 10:08:02, download attachment fillet example.slvs
(no subject) (by Laurence Rochfort)
That's really helpful, thanks Daniel
Wed Jan 24 2024, 11:08:35
(no subject) (by Daniel Engineering Solutions)
Sure thing!
Wed Jan 24 2024, 13:57:34
adding chamfers (by Ernie)
I'm very new to 3d design and printing, but have enjoyed learning with solvespace.

I checked out Daniel Engineering Solutions' fillet example.slvs and can see, in some cases, this is a reasonable approach for adding chamfers without resorting to exports to other software platforms.

Being a newbie, I may be overlooking something, but it seems we need a way to toggle construction lines between two points. Many times I find it necessary to delete a line and then add in two lines, one being a construction. Not knowing any better, I believe converting some lines to construction in the above mentioned file would result in a rounded corner.

What say the experts?
Sat Mar 16 2024, 11:42:33
(no subject) (by Paul)
A few years ago I was playing with code that would put chamfers or fillets on the top and/or bottom of extrudes in Solvespace as a feature of the group - not a general edge modifier tool.

Should I pick that back up?

What percent of cases would be covered in real designs?
Sun Mar 17 2024, 16:32:28
(no subject) (by Marcel d)
Would love this feature! If its available I would use it on a regular basis but since its not implemented I live with edgy edges :)
Mon Mar 18 2024, 03:31:36
(no subject) (by Daniel Engineering Solutions)

Would your tool take care of the spherical nature of fillets on corners? If so, I could see myself using it quite often (say 60% of the time).
Mon Mar 18 2024, 11:33:38
(no subject) (by Paul)
@Daniel As originally conceived it would make "sharp" corners if you filleted a square extrusion. However, if you rounded the corners prior to extrusion it would create toroidal fillets which would become spherical when the fillet radius and the 2d corner radius are equal. It turns out corners are kind of tricky to make even for simple extrusions ;-)
Mon Mar 18 2024, 12:31:38
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