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commercial usage (by Emily)
Hi, I was wondering if this software is alright for creating 3D printed parts or models to be later sold?
Sun Jan 7 2024, 15:51:30
(no subject) (by Paul)
Absolutely. Free Software (GPL license) does not place restrictions on what you can use it for.
Mon Jan 8 2024, 06:31:44
slvs.dll (by Stephen)
Can a custom application reference slvs.dll for a fee but also offer a free version? I plan to release the source code under MIT license.
Tue Jan 9 2024, 15:14:02
(no subject) (by Paul)

Contact Jonathan Westhues about a commercial solver license - he's on the Contact page. I'm not an expert on license compatibility issues, but I think linking MIT licensed code to GPLed code is considered OK?
Tue Jan 9 2024, 16:03:54
(no subject) (by Jonathan Westhues)
MIT with GPL library dependencies is okay, though uncommon since you might as well just put the whole thing under the GPL--any user who takes advantage of the additional freedoms of the MIT license (like to make a closed-source derivative work) loses the right to distribute the GPL library.

As to alternative licenses: We've licensed SolveSpace under commercial terms in the past, but the head revision isn't currently in a suitable state for that, since it (similarly e.g. to the Linux kernel) contains changes owned by many contributors. We could go back and either get permission from each contributor to relicense their change or replace the change, but that's a nontrivial effort that we don't currently plan. So for now, SolveSpace is GPL only.
Wed Jan 10 2024, 00:06:00
Commercial use within another application (by Luke)
Hey Jonathan, does that mean you’re not licensing commercially at the moment? I’m interested in leveraging SpaceSolve inside a plugin for Rhino3D, but not sure how your above comment fits into that…
Sun Feb 4 2024, 14:46:26
(no subject) (by Jonathan Westhues)
Luke - Correct, GPL only. So you could develop such a plugin, but it would have to be free software (even though Rhino isn't).
Sun Feb 4 2024, 18:04:27
(no subject) (by Luke)
Thanks Jonathan, that makes sense -- appreciate your speedy reply!
Mon Feb 5 2024, 05:00:26
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