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UI very slow (by appliancedude)
Just downloaded the exe and running in windows 10 in a quite high performance machine.
The UI is very slow before I have done anything at all. I try to move a window and (no exaggeration) 5-6 seconds later, the window will move.
Normally at this point, I would simply delete it and move on the the next app to try. However, in this case the app looks promising, so I want to give it a chance.
Anyone know what I am doing wrong or any suggestions?
Fri Nov 17 2023, 12:48:08
UI very slow (by appliancedude)
It was version 3.1 that is slow for me. Version 3.0 is responsive. So that is what I will use.
Fri Nov 17 2023, 12:56:36
(no subject) (by Paul)
There is something wrong with your setup. Solvespace is very fast and responsive. It can run on low end hardware like Raspberry Pi.
Fri Nov 17 2023, 19:02:38
UI is very slow (by Jonathan)
I have the same experience as appliancedude.
On Linux it works very fast, but I have moved to the Windows partition to test a new input device. The UI is so slow here it is useless.
Incidentally, this install was made from Windows Powershell command using winget.
I will try another version / instllation method next...
Fri Apr 19 2024, 17:50:18
(no subject) (by cmpxchg)
are there ways to benchmark the 3D API's that solvespace uses on various platforms ?
Fri Apr 19 2024, 18:23:58
(no subject) (by ruevs)
SolveSpace uses OpenGL (version 3 by default) here is a benchmark I've used in the past There are hundreds...

My guesses in such cases would be:
- missing/misconfigured graphics drivers
- a virtual machine with missing graphics drivers
- Mesa3D DLLs being in the "path" before "windows/system32"

All of the above can/would cause software OpenGL rendering (where the CPU does all the work instead of the 3D accelerator of the video card/GPU), which is very slow.
Mon Apr 22 2024, 01:22:45
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