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Error Message: Zero length edge! (by Md Faris)
I have this sketch which is the plan view of a wooden plank with groove for overlap joint. When I first did it came with an error message: not closed contour or not all same style. And I read in this forum that the edges cannot overlap. So I split the lines where they intersect. Now the error message I get is: Zero-length edge!

If I go to home in the properties window I see g002-sketch-in plane has an error status.

But I check all the lines have length. If that window indicates which lines or constraints had the error its easier to troubleshoot. So I attach this file if you can give me any idea.

Sun Nov 12 2023, 05:37:07, download attachment SimrigR1.slvs
(no subject) (by Andrew)
You have created multiple instances of coincident points, as illustrated by where I dragged lines. You can get rid of the remaining area by selecting all lines and toggling them to construction.
Sun Nov 12 2023, 08:13:41, download attachment SimrigR1_error.slvs
(no subject) (by Md Faris)
Thank you. This did the trick.

It must be that when I split the lines that intersect it created those additional points. If I did not move the lines I would not be able to see it. When the lines were split it lost its original distance constraints to those points. I had to add more distance constraints after deleting those points.

Thanks again
Mon Nov 13 2023, 04:14:48, download attachment Rig 1.png
(no subject) (by Walter Cadek)
I think the error is not where you think, I tried to move the right point and
found a line which should not exist.
I found in my designs a lot of errors by changing the points an see what happens.
See the atteched corr-file for better understanding.
Fri Dec 8 2023, 12:51:40, download attachment SimrigR1_corr.slvs
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