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Property Browser to left margin, graphic commands to top ribbon? (by brian c)
Typical CAD programmes leave the drawing space clear, with the graphic (icon) commands along the top or bottom of screen. where there is the equivalent to the "property browser" it is located off the "drawing space" such as at the left or right or bottom of screen. Can such arrangement be made?
Thu Oct 19 2023, 22:34:09
(no subject) (by Andrew)
You could always drag and size the windows to put the property browser on one side of the main window, and at least under Linux, the arrangement is preserved between uses of the program. On a two screen setup, one screen can be almost all drawing, while the property browser shares a screen with reference documents.
Fri Oct 20 2023, 06:30:38
(no subject) (by Paul)
You can also hide the toolbar. Once you learn the keyboard shortcuts that's a real option. TAB key shows and hides the text window if you really want to view just the sketch.
Fri Oct 20 2023, 15:08:44
Property Browser to left margin, graphic commands to top ribbon? (by brian c) (by brian c)
Yep, the TAB is certainly an option that I now use often. I have only recently taken up SolveSpace and am in the learning process. Obviously the key short cuts are the way to go, so I can then use the whole screen for viewing, with TAB in and out of the property browser. Thanks for the comments.
Wed Oct 25 2023, 21:08:59
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