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Designing a tent-like structure (by Andy)
Hello! I'm a new SolveSpace user and I've got a use case that I'm not sure how to approach, or if SolveSpace is even the right tool. I would like to design a structure that will be made out of fabric, something along the lines of a tent or a tarp lean-to. I'd like to be able to shape the structure in 3D, but the panels will essentially have no meaningful thickness, so conceptually, I'm thinking about them as 2D shapes existing in 3D space. So far SolveSpace has been the most intuitive way for me to design solid 3D parts so I'd like to stay in the tool if it can do this kind of workflow, but I haven't quite found an answer to that. Thanks!
Thu Sep 28 2023, 14:04:33
(no subject) (by Paul)
@Andy Solvespace is for solid modeling. You could design tent poles and other support structures, but there is no way to model flexible material like cloth. You could make large panels and extrude them to a small thickness, but they will remain flat as if made of some hard material of some thickness. On the plus side you could do things like measure the area of these panels.
Thu Sep 28 2023, 14:40:20
(no subject) (by Andy)
Thanks @Paul! That confirms my suspicions for both how SolveSpace should be used and how I could try to make it work anyways (small extrusion). I don't particularly need to accurately model fabric as a material, my goal is just what would end up looking like an extremely low poly mesh, so I might give that a shot. I might also just do some of this visualization in Blender despite the fact that I do have some known constraints that would be cool to incorporate. Anyways, thanks again for the information!
Thu Sep 28 2023, 15:39:39
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