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Tangent arcs on cylinder differences (by Rowan Goemans)
Hello everyone,

I'm new to solvespace so excuse me if this is a really basic question.

I have a hollow cylinder where I cut out a structure on the surface. I have done this using revolved rectangles. The problem here is that I need to add roundings to the edges. Using tangents arcs does not work since the tangent arc I need would be on the revolved solids.

I also tried to add the round edges later by using a circle arc and extruding that. But of course the extrusion does not match the surface of the cylinder.

Is there any way I can try to add the rounded edges here?

Rowan Goemans
Tue Sep 26 2023, 08:35:08, download attachment 2023-09-26-142910_3352x2328_scrot.png
(no subject) (by Andrew)
The png is not downloading. If you could upload the actual model, I will take at at what you are trying to achieve.
Tue Sep 26 2023, 09:08:46
(no subject) (by Rowan Goemans)
That's weird. I can download the PNG.

I have made a simplified example of the problem, see the attached model.
Tue Sep 26 2023, 09:43:56, download attachment ex.slvs
(no subject) (by Daniel Engineering Solutions)

See the attached model. Note that the order of the operations could be switched around to remove the need to force the NURBS to triangle mesh, but I was doing this quickly so it's what I came up with. If you have more questions let me know.
Tue Sep 26 2023, 16:39:26, download attachment ex_DES.slvs
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