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variables and functions (by ─░dris)
is there any ways to create global variable?
Mon Sep 25 2023, 15:31:58
(no subject) (by Andrew)
Short answer, no. Longer answer, you can link/assemble a .slvs file with a sketch of and or model, and use it to constrain things. The same file can be included in multiple files. The hide solid model along with hide entities allow the linked file to be made invisible. While not exactly a global variable, it does allow for dimension changes to be propagated through several models; bit does require opening and saving file that directly or indirectly link the file to propagate any changes.

The linked file can be a part that the new part interfaces with, or a construction model just setting key shared dimensions.
Mon Sep 25 2023, 18:43:52
(no subject) (by ruevs)
Tue Sep 26 2023, 17:27:19
(no subject) (by ruevs)
The "length ratio" and "length difference" constraints also help, combined with what Andrew described.
Fri Sep 29 2023, 03:43:11
(no subject) (by Andrew)
It is also worth mentioning that you can switch between sketch in 2D and sketch in 3D when creating a sketch. This is useful for setting constraints using lines that do not project onto the drawing plane with their original dimension, or to use a face as a constraint, just remember to go back to 2d before adding to the sketch. I.e. a line normal to the sketch plane projects onto that plane as a point, and has zero length, but in 3D it length can be used.
Sun Oct 1 2023, 11:14:58
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