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Measuring between lines or surfaces already drawn (by Don)
How to measure from lines to points. Example make a rectangle of 100mm. Then make lines to form a pyramid and constrain the lines to base at 51 deg.
I want to measure length from the corner to the top. Also to measure the length from a point in the middle of the side to the top. Also to measure the length from the center straight down to the plane of the base.

All of these lines can be constrained but not just measured.

Using Debian Linux 11 Bullseye with SolveSpace 3.0....
Thu Sep 21 2023, 12:34:54
(no subject) (by Andrew)
Select the line, or the point and what you want to know its distance from, and use constrain/distance, or 'd'. This will either allow you to the distance if its not constrained or put the distance followed by REF on the model.
Thu Sep 21 2023, 13:10:02
(no subject) (by ruevs)
For some combinations of two selected entities the distance is displayed in the "Property Browser" (text) window.
Thu Sep 21 2023, 13:35:40
(no subject) (by Don)
Thanks for the reply. That works just fine. Just started using SolveSpace.
Thu Sep 21 2023, 13:54:36
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